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Armed with the knowledge about properly defining collision polygons, it's time for
you to check out the PhysicsEditor tool, which you can download from . After opening the downloaded PhysicsEditor disk im-
age and dragging to your application's folder, you're ready to
run PhysicsEditor (see Figure 13-3 ) . In the PhysicsEditor disk image, you'll also find a
folder named Loaders that contains the loader code (shape cache) for Box2D and
Chipmunk plist files created by PhysicsEditor. You'll be using the GB2ShapeCache
class found in the Loaders/generic-box2d-plist folder in the example pro-
jects of this chapter to load the shapes created by PhysicsEditor.
Figure 13-3 . The PhysicsEditor application
If you've previously downloaded the PhysicsEditor disk image, you should download
the latest version again because the GB2ShapeCache class may have been up-
dated—for example, to be compatible with Box2D v2.2.
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