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Download and Install Xcode and the iOS SDK
You can download the latest Xcode version, which includes the iOS SDK, from the
Xcode web site: . The 1.5GB down-
load may take a while to download and install, so you may want to start downloading it
right away.
After you've installed Xcode, you're set with everything you need to develop iOS ap-
plications. If you've never worked with Xcode before, I suggest you familiarize your-
self with it by reading the Xcode 4 User Guide: ht-
Specifically, you should know the names of the four main areas of the Xcode window
as shown in Figure 2-1 : the Navigation (left), Editor (center), Utility (right), and Debug
(bottom) areas. With the exception of the Editor area, you can hide and unhide any of
these areas from view via the Xcode View menu.
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