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But as a registered developer you get additional benefits. For example, you have access
to the iOS Developer Portal where you can set up your development devices and provi-
sioning profiles to deploy your app to one or more iOS devices. You also get access to
iTunes Connect where you can manage your contracts, manage and submit your apps,
and review financial reports.
In addition, you'll be offered beta versions, sometimes also called preview versions, of
Apple software. You should generally refrain from using Apple beta software however.
I know it's cool to have access to it and tempting to use the latest software as part of an
exclusive club. But trust me on this: you'll easily run into compatibility issues that no
one can help you with because the Apple beta software can not be publicly discussed. I
strictly refrain from using Apple beta versions because even minor incompatibilities
can be huge productivity killers.
Tip If you do want to try out Apple beta software, be sure to install it separ-
ately so that you can switch back to the official version at any time. This is spe-
cifically important if you plan to install a beta Mac OS X version, because it's
very possible that either cocos2d or any of the other tools and libraries you're
using has severe compatibility issues with the beta OS. Don't allow the beta OS
to permanently replace your current OS, or you'll be stuck and alone with any
issues you may encounter. Install Mac OS beta versions on a separate (external)
hard drive instead and use the System Preferences Startup Disk tool to switch
between startup disks.
Certificates and Provisioning Profiles
Eventually you'll want to deploy the games you're building onto your iOS device. To
do so, you must create an iOS development certificate, register your iOS device, and
enable it for development. You complete this setup with Xcode's Organizer, where you
can download and install your development and distribution provisioning profiles.
All these steps are well explained on the iOS Provisioning Portal. Apple has done an
excellent job of documenting them on the How To tabs of each section of the Provi-
sioning Portal. Registered iOS developers can access the iOS Provisioning Portal at
dex.action .
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