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This is where the topic ends and your journey continues. You'll get lots of inspiration
on where to go from here and food for thought.
Where to Get the Topic's Source Code
One of the most frequently asked questions following the release of the first edition of
this topic was about where to get the topic's source code. I've added this little section
to answer this question.
You can get the topic's source code on the topic's page at . The
source code is available on the Source Code/Downloads tab.
Alternatively, you can download the source code from the Downloads section on Learn
Cocos2D: .
Of course, you can always type the code directly from the topic if you prefer. But it
may come in handy to have the code ready, in case you need to compare what you
typed with what the code is supposed to look like. I also continue to upgrade the down-
loadable source code on Learn Cocos2D to fix issues with newer Xcode or iOS ver-
Most importantly the source code download contains the exact versions of cocos2d and
Kobold2D used by the source code in this topic. Because both projects continue to be
improved, there's a possibility that the latest download from the web site may not be
100% compatible with the topic's descriptions and source code. Therefore I recom-
mend you install and use the versions distributed with the source code while you're
reading the topic.
Questions and Feedback
I do hope I get the right mixture of easing you into cocos2d and iOS game develop-
ment while challenging you with advanced game-programming concepts.
If at any time I fail and leave you wondering, please feel free to ask your questions on
Cocos2D Central ( ) . I'll also continue to post fre-
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