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Just make sure to close and reload the TMX file in Tiled after you made any manual
changes to it, because Tiled won't automatically reload the file.
Creating a New Isometric Tileset
Next you need to load a tileset containing isometric tiles. For this chapter you'll be us-
ing the dg_iso32.png tileset image found in the Iso Tilemap01 project's Re-
sources folder. In Tiled, choose Map
New Tileset . . . and browse to the
dg_iso32.png file.
Notice that Tiled will set default tile width and height according to the settings in the
New Map dialog, shown in Figure 11-7 . For isometric tilemaps, the defaults always
need to be corrected because of the overlap of isometric tiles. As I mentioned earlier,
the dg_iso32.png tileset uses a tile width of 54 pixels and a tile height of 49 pixels.
Note that you have to use the full canvas height of the isometric tiles, not the diamond
shape height of 27 pixels. Figure 11-9 shows the correct setup for this tileset.
Figure 11-9 . Adding the tileset with width 54 pixels and height 49 pixels
Laying Down Some Ground Rules
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