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Tip T o learn more about the various projection techniques and technical de-
tails of each, I recommend browsing the section about parallel projection on
Wikipedia at
lel_projection .
In terms of tilemaps, Figure 11-2 shows the concrete steps for creating an isometric
projection of an orthogonal image. The square is first rotated by 45 degrees and then
scaled down along its y-axis to give it its typical isometric diamond shape.
Figure 11-2 . An orthogonal turned isometric by rotating it by 45 degrees and then compressing it vertically
However, Figure 11-2 is just the theoretical approach to illustrate the projection of the
isometric shape. You can't turn an orthogonal image into an isometric image by simply
rotating and compressing it, because the rotation would affect the image content. It
would just look flat and very wrong, just like Figure 11-3 .
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