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Figure 11-1 . An isometric tilemap game
Note All tilesets used in this chapter were created by David E. Gervais and
published under the Creative Commons license. You can download more of his
work at .
Designing Isometric Tile Graphics
To help you understand how to design isometric graphics, I'll first introduce the
concept of projection. In a 3D world, you can look at the objects from all sides, be-
cause 3D worlds can freely project the 3D world onto your two-dimensional screen
from any angle and position. This conversion from a three-dimensional world onto a
two-dimensional screen is called perspective projection . Taking a photograph is also a
form of perspective projection of the real world onto a 2D image. Both projections re-
tain the perspective of the viewer's point of view.
In an isometric tilemap world, each individual tilemap image is already a projection of
a seemingly three-dimensional object onto a flat surface. This projection is usually per-
formed with a special form of parallel projection called isometric projection . The im-
age then becomes more or less skewed, but our minds still recognize it as a three-di-
mensional object.
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