Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 5, “Game Building Blocks”
Now prepare yourself for a bigger game, one that requires a better code structure.
You'll learn how scenes and nodes are layered and the various ways that game objects
can exchange information.
Chapter 6, “Sprites In-Depth”
You'll learn what a texture atlas is and why you'll be using it for the next game and
how to create a texture atlas with the TexturePacker tool.
Chapter 7, “Scrolling with Joy”
With the texture atlas ready, you'll learn how to implement a parallax scrolling shooter
game, controlled by touch input.
Chapter 8, “Shoot 'em Up”
Without enemies, our shooter wouldn't have much to shoot at, right? I show you how
to add game-play code to spawn, move, hit, and animate the enemy hordes.
Chapter 9, “Particle Effects”
By using the ParticleDesigner tool, you'll add some particle effects to the side-scrolling
Chapter 10, “Working with Tilemaps”
Infinitely jumping upward, you'll apply what you've learned from the side-scrolling
game in portrait mode to create another popular iOS game genre.
Chapter 11, “Isometric Tilemaps
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