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Most importantly, this topic isn't written by some geek you've never heard of and nev-
er will hear from again, with no e-mail address or web site to post your follow-up ques-
tions. Instead, it's written by a geek you may not have heard of but who will definitely
be around. I'm actively engaged with the cocos2d community at the topic's companion
blog , where I'll continue to improve this topic as well
as improving how we write App Store games with Kobold2D and KoboldScript.
What's in This Topic
Here's a brief overview of the chapters in this topic. The second edition added two en-
tirely new chapters: Chapter 15 discusses integration of UIKit views with cocos2d, and
Chapter 16 introduces Kobold2D, my own take on a cocos2d development environ-
ment with additional convenience features. The third edition sees all chapters updated
to Cocos2D v2.0 and made compatible with Kobold2D v2.0, and all source code is us-
ing ARC.
Chapter 2, “Getting Started”
I cover setting up cocos2d for development, installing project templates, and creating
the first “Hello World” project. You'll learn about cocos2d basics, such as scenes and
Chapter 3, “Essentials”
I explain the essential cocos2d classes that you'll need most often, such as sprites,
transitions, and actions. And you'll learn how to use them, of course.
Chapter 4, “Your First Game”
Enemies drop from the top, and you have to avoid them by tilting your device. This
will be our first simple game using accelerometer controls.
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