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Figure 10-7 . An empty map with the dg_grounds32 tileset loaded, waiting for your inspiration
Tip If you ever notice something missing from Tiled's window, check the
View menu. You can hide and unhide the Tilesets, Layers, and History views.
This is important because it's the only way to bring back these views in case
you clicked the X button on one of these views.
Tiled uses four modes for editing the tilemap, indicated by the four rightmost icons on
the toolbar. They are Stamp Brush (hotkey B), which allows you to draw the current se-
lection in the tileset; Bucket Fill (hotkey F), which fills areas of connected, identical
tiles; Eraser (hotkey E), which erases tiles; and Rectangular Select (hotkey R), with
which you can select a range of tiles and then copy and paste the selection.
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