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▪ iPad Retina resolution: tilemap-ipadhd.tmx and tilemap-
You can always design and test your tilemap in one resolution and only convert it on
occasion to other resolutions. You might also consider writing a script or a small app
that automates that process for you. A good starting point is the Tilemap HD/SD con-
version tool available here:
Dev_Notes.html .
The alternative is to create your tilemaps with iTileMaps on an iOS device. It lets you
automatically create SD/HD versions of the tilemaps you're creating. You can try out
the free version to see if iTileMaps is an option for you. You can find more information
on the iTileMaps homepage: .
Designing a Tilemap
With the tileset loaded, you're faced with a blank map, an invitation for your creativity
to come up with great ideas for a tilemap. What's even better is to get rid of the blank
tilemap as the very first step. It's very helpful to start the tilemap with a default floor
tile. I selected the Bucket Fill tool and picked a bright grass tile so that my tilemap is
now a lush meadow—sort of. You can see it in Figure 10-7 .
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