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The new map will be completely empty, and there's no tileset loaded that you can draw
from. You can add a tileset by selecting Map New Tileset from Tiled's menu. This
opens the New Tileset dialog (shown in Figure 10-6 ), where you can browse for the
proper tileset image. A tileset is just a name for an image containing multiple tiles with
equal spacing, so you could also call it a texture atlas containing only images of the
same size.
Figure 10-6 . Creating a new tileset from an image file
Note The function Map Add External Tileset is used only to import a previ-
ously exported tileset to share the same tileset with multiple TMX maps. You
can export a tileset by right-clicking the tileset view in the lower right-hand
corner of the Tiled window and then choosing Export Tileset As.
You'll use the dg_grounds32.png tileset. These tiles were drawn by David E. Ger-
vais and published under the Creative Commons License, meaning you are free to
share and remix his work as long as you give credit to him. You can download more of
his tilesets from this web site:
dex.htm .
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