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are natively supported by the cocos2d game engine. TMX files are simply XML files
that, if need be, you could edit with a text editor.
Tiled is available as a free download, and at the time of this writing the latest version is
0.8.1. You can download Tiled from its home page, at .
If you'd like to support the development of Tiled, consider making a donation to the
project's developer, Thorbjørn Lindeijer. You can find the donate button on the web
Creating a New Tilemap
The first thing after you've downloaded and started Tiled is to go to the View menu
and check both the Tilesets and Layers items. This will show the list of layers and the
current tileset on the right-hand side of the Tiled window which you'll need to refer to
frequently. Then choose File New to create a new tilemap, bringing up the New
Map dialog pictured in Figure 10-5 .
Figure 10-5 . Creating a new tilemap in Tiled
Currently, Tiled supports orthogonal (rectangular) tilemaps as well as isometric
tilemaps. Hexagonal maps are not supported. The map size is given in tiles, but Tiled
will show you the size of the map in pixels as well. In this case, the new map will be 30
× 20 tiles, with the tile images having 32 × 32-pixel dimensions. It's crucial that the tile
size matches the size of your tile images, or they will not align.
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