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looks like an aerial view, looking straight down. For this reason, orthogonal tilemaps
usually look flat.
Figure 10-1 . An orthogonal tilemap in Tiled (Qt) Map Editor
Tiles in an orthogonal tilemap actually don't need to be square; you can create ortho-
gonal tilemaps from rectangular images as well. Those were most often used by Asian
role-playing games, such as Dragon Quest. While still using an orthogonal perspective,
it allowed the designers to create objects that are seemingly taller than wide. This en-
abled the designers to create the illusion of volumes, like houses, by painting them as
several tiles and allowing game characters to be partially obstructed by tiles.
That method really came to shine with Ultima 6 and in particular Ultima 7. By skewing
the perspective with which tiles were drawn, the effect came close to isometric
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