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This chapter was truly a visual joy ride! The stock effects provided by cocos2d give a
good indication of what the particle effect is able to deliver. They're quick and easy to
But it was also excruciating to create a particle effect in source code. There are so
many properties to tweak; some are exclusive to specific emitter modes; some have
misleading names, and they aren't exactly straightforward to figure out. With the ex-
planation for each property, however, you should now have a good understanding how
a particle effect is put together and what the most important parameters are.
We then saw how particle effects can shine with Particle Designer. This tool is ex-
tremely helpful—and lots of fun—to work with. Suddenly, when you can move sliders
and see the results immediately onscreen, it changes your whole view on particle ef-
fects, and even more so since you can share your creations with others and experiment
with other designers' effects.
Finally, the shoot-'em-up game got a makeover and now plays particle explosions and
sounds when bullets are fired and enemies are destroyed. This makes for a much more
lively game.
In the next chapter I set the shoot-'em-up game aside for a bit to tell you all you need
to know about tilemaps.
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