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Figure 9-11 . The submitted effect quickly appears in the Online Library. Apparently my description was too long to
fit in the display area
Shared particle effects may not always be perfect for your requirements, but they often
provide good starting points for your own effects. They help you achieve the desired
effect much faster and, at the very least, they can be an inspiration. I encourage you to
scroll through the list of effects and try as many as you can to gain a good sense of
what's possible, what looks good, and what just doesn't work.
Shoot 'em Up with Particle Effects
I'd love to see some of these effects in the game! Let's take the shoot-'em-up game to a
new level. You'll find the results in this chapter's ShootEmUp04 project, along with
added sound effects, as well as in Figure 9-12 .
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