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What's very cool about Particle Designer is that you can share your creations with oth-
er Particle Designer users. From the Particle Designer menu, simply choose Share and
then Share Emitter to open a dialog that lets you enter a title and description for your
particle effect, as shown in Figure 9-10 .
Figure 9-10 . By submitting a Particle Effect to the Online Library, you can share your creations with other users
Caution As the message in Figure 9-8 i ndicates, you should be careful to only
upload artwork for which you have the rights to share and distribute or for
which you are the copyright holder. Otherwise, you risk violating someone's
copyright or may be violating a nondisclosure or other agreement if you work
under contract.
In Figure 9-11 , you can see the effect I just submitted in the lower right-hand corner.
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