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drag any image from Finder over to this box, and the box will turn green, signaling that
it will accept that image. Once you drop the image, it will be used by the particle effect.
Caution Particle Designer will warn you if you drop an image that's larger
than 512x512 pixels. It will use the image anyway but will scale the image
down to 512x512 pixels, regardless of its original aspect ratio. Do keep in mind
that texture sizes of over 64x64 pixels are probably overkill unless you have
special requirements. A particle effect's performance is mainly influenced by
the size of the texture and the number of particles.
The Particle Designer preview window in Figure 9-8 looks just like the iPhone Simu-
lator. It can also be set to the iPad screen size, and you can change the orientation by
clicking the iPad/iPhone and Orientation buttons in Particle Designer's menu bar, to the
right of the Load, Save, and Save As buttons. By clicking and dragging inside the pre-
view window, you can move the particle effect around, which helps you see how the
effect might look on moving objects.
Notice that the Background Color settings aren't part of the actual effect. They will
change the background color of the preview window. This is useful if your game has
bright colors and you want to design a dark or dim effect and still be able to see what
you're doing.
Figure 9-8 . By clicking and dragging inside Particle Designer's preview window, you can even move the particle
effect around to see what it might look like on moving objects
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