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Figure 9-7 . Particle Designer is full of properties you can tweak interactively. A separate window (Figure 9-8)
shows the effect as you edit it
You should recognize these parameters from the description of the self-made particle
effect properties. Only a few properties aren't available and can't be edited in Particle
Designer. One is the positionType , and another is the endRadiusVar property
for the radius emitter mode. The latter means you can't create particle effects that rotate
outward in radius mode. But you can always load a Particle Designer effect and then
tweak it in code by overriding certain properties, like setting the positionType to
kCCPositionTypeFree , as you'll do later in Listing 9-4 . This is just a minor nuis-
ance compared to actually seeing onscreen how your effect changes as you move the
The only unusual control is the Particle Texture. There's no button to load an image,
and double-clicking the field doesn't do anything either. The trick here is that the
Particle Texture box only accepts images that are dragged and dropped onto it. Just
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