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remain fairly small. But to see the built-in particle effects as they were intended, you
need to add the fire.png image to your Xcode project.
Figure 9-3 . If your example particle effects, like this CCParticleFireworks, display huge, square particles, you for-
got to add the fire.png image to your Xcode project
Creating a Particle Effect the Hard Way
You can easily create your own subclass of the CCParticleSystem class. What's
not so easy is creating a convincing particle effect with it, let alone one that comes
close to what you originally envisioned. The following is the list of properties grouped
by function that determine the particle system's look and behavior:
emitterMode = gravity
radialAccel , radialAccelVar
speed , speedVar
tangentialAccel , tangentialAccelVar
emitterMode = radius
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