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Kobold2D has additional convenience features that cocos2d-iphone doesn't have.
There's helper code for Game Center, Ad Banners, Gesture Recognizers, PiXEl-Perfect
Collision Detection, and simplified user input handling. KKInput gives you an easy-to-
use, platform-independent wrapper to use Gesture Recognizers, the Gyroscope, Key-
board, and Mouse.
Additionally, most Kobold2D projects have targets for both iOS and Mac OS X. So if
you plan on releasing your game to both App Stores, Kobold2D makes this dual-plat-
form development a lot smoother and offers other enhancements under the hood, such
as optimized Build Settings for each platform.
Then there's KoboldScript. It's a modern, powerful, yet simple Lua interface backed by
Kobold2D to develop iOS and Mac OS X apps with. At the time of this writing it's still
a work in progress, so please visit for the latest news and
Finally, I use Kobold2D each and every day for my own work. I continue to tweak and
improve it, and I make sure it stays up-to-date with the latest developments, be they
new iOS devices, new Xcode versions, or simply new releases of cocos2d and the other
libraries provided by Kobold2D. You'll get a timely update and you'll be able to up-
grade your projects safely to a newer Kobold2D version with just one mouse click.
Other cocos2d Game Engines
You may have noticed that versions of cocos2d exist for a great variety of platforms,
including Windows, JavaScript, and Android. There's even a C++ version of cocos2d
dubbed cocos2d-x that supports multiple mobile platforms all in one, including iOS
and Android.
These cocos2d ports all share the same name and design philosophy but are written in
different languages by different authors and are generally quite different from cocos2d
for iOS. For example, the Android cocos2d port is written in Java, which is the native
language when developing for Android devices.
If you're interested in porting your games to other platforms, you should know that the
various cocos2d game engines differ by a lot. Porting your cocos2d-iphone game to
Android, for example, isn't an easy task. First there's the language barrier—all your
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