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-(void) reset;
The implementation of the HealthbarComponent class is more interesting, as List-
ing 8-17 shows.
Listing 8-17. The HealthBarComponent Updates Its scaleX Property Based on the
Enemy's Remaining Hit Points
#import "Enemy.h"
@implementation HealthbarComponent
-(void) onEnter
[super onEnter];
[self scheduleUpdate];
-(void) reset
float parentWidthHalf = self.parent.contentSize.width / 2;
float parentHeight = self.parent.contentSize.height;
float selfHeight = self.contentSize.height;
self.position = CGPointMake(parentWidthHalf, parentHeight + selfHeight);
self.scaleX = 1.0f;
self.visible = YES;
-(void) update:(ccTime)delta
if (self.parent.visible)
NSAssert([self.parent isKindOfClass:[Enemy class]], @"not a Enemy");
Enemy* enemy = (Enemy*)self.parent;
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