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prite class. You don't have to be concerned about how this is implemented using
OpenGL ES code, which is a good thing.
At the same time, cocos2d gives you the flexibility to add your own OpenGL ES code,
including vertex and fragment shaders, at any time for any game object that needs it.
Shaders are a way to program the graphics hardware and are beyond the scope of this
topic. If you're thinking about adding some Cocoa Touch user interface elements,
you'll appreciate knowing that these can be miXEd in as well.
And cocos2d doesn't just shield you from the OpenGL ES intricacies; it also provides
high-level abstraction of commonly performed tasks, some of which would otherwise
require extensive knowledge of the iOS SDK. But if you do need more low-level ac-
cess or want to make use of iOS SDK features, cocos2d won't hold you back.
It's Still Programming
In general, you could say that cocos2d makes programming iOS games simpler while
still requiring truly excellent programming skills first and foremost. Other iOS game
engines such as Unity, Unreal, iTorque 2D, and Shiva focus their efforts on providing
tool sets and workflows to reduce the amount of programming knowledge required. In
return, you give away some technical freedom—and cash, too. With cocos2d, you have
to put in a little extra effort, but you're as close to the core of game programming as
possible without having to actually deal with the core.
It's Got a Great Community
The cocos2d community always has someone who will answer a question quickly, and
developers are generally open to sharing knowledge and information. You can get in
touch with the community on the official forum (
forum ) or on my own forum Cocos2D Central ( http://cocos2d-cent- ). Cocos2D Central is the best place to reach me personally.
New tutorials and sample source code are released on almost, and most of it's for free.
And scattered over the Internet you'll find plenty of other resources to learn from and
get inspired by.
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