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When game developers look for a game engine, they first evaluate their options. I think
cocos2d is a great choice for a lot of developers, for many reasons.
It's Free
First, it is free. It doesn't cost you a dime to work with it. You are allowed to create
both free and commercial iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps. You can also create Mac OS X
apps with it. You don't have to pay any royalties. Seriously, no strings attached.
It's Open Source
The next good reason to use cocos2d is that it's open source. This means there's no
black box preventing you from learning from the game engine code or making changes
to it where necessary. That makes cocos2d both extensible and flexible.
It's Objective, See?
Cocos2d is written in Objective-C, Apple's native programming language for writing
iOS apps. It's the same language used by the iOS SDK, which makes it easy to under-
stand Apple's documentation and implement iOS SDK functionality.
A lot of other useful APIs, such as Facebook Connect and OpenFeint, are also written
in Objective-C, which makes it easy to integrate those APIs, too.
Note I advise learning Objective-C, even if you prefer some other language. I
have a strong C++ and C# background, and the Objective-C syntax looked very
odd at first glance. I wasn't happy at the prospect of learning a new program-
ming language that was said to be old and outdated. Not surprisingly, I
struggled for a while to get the hang of writing code in a programming lan-
guage that required me to let go of old habits and expectations.
Don't let the thought of programming with Objective-C distract you, though. It
does require some getting used to, but it pays off soon enough, if only for the
sheer amount of documentation available. I promise you won't look back!
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