Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 7-9 . You need these files to get SneakyInput to work in your own project; the other files are used only for
example code
The HelloWorldScene class is created by a cocos2d project template and most
likely doesn't contain anything but example code. Of course, I already have an Ap-
pDelegate in my project, so I don't need to be adding SneakyInput's AppDeleg-
ate class—it might be in conflict with the existing AppDelegate . Then there are
two classes explicitly suffixed with Example, which indicates that these files are not
core classes for SneakyInput but further example code.
After adding the SneakyInput button and joystick classes, your project won't compile
anymore. That's because SneakyInput classes haven't been converted to ARC. You
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