Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
In this chapter, you learned more about scenes and layers—how and when to use them
and for what. I explained why it's usually not a good idea to subclass game objects dir-
ectly from CCSprite , and I showed you how to create a fully self-contained game
object class that derives from CCNode instead and contains a sprite. That way it it's
easier to extend should the object need multiple sprites, particle effects, or what have
Finally, you learned how to use some of the more specialized CCNode classes like
CCProgressTimer , CCParallaxNode , and CCMotionStreak .
You now have enough knowledge about cocos2d to start creating more complex games,
like the side-scrolling shooter I'm preparing you for. And with complex games come
complex graphics, including animations. How to handle all these sprites efficiently,
both in terms of memory and performance, is the topic of the next chapter.
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