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belBMFont —but you lose image quality scaling up, and you're wasting
memory when scaling down. The other option is to create a separate font file
with the new size, but this uses up more memory because each variation of a
bitmap font uses its own texture.
You also need to add the bitmapfont.fnt and bitmapfont-hd.fnt files as
well as the accompanying bitmapfont.png and bitmapfont-hd.png , which
are all in the DoodleDrop04 project's Resources folder. Don't add the
.GlyphProject files, though—those files are used by, and useful only to, Glyph
The tool to create bitmap fonts used to be Hiero, but by now Hiero is only the tool of
choice if you really don't want to spend any money. Written by Kevin James Glass,
Hiero is a free Java Web application, available from ht-
tp:// .
The downside is, it's a free Java web application. It asks you to trust the application be-
cause of a missing security cerjpgicate. On the other hand, many developers use the
tool, and so far there's been no evidence that the application is untrustworthy. Hiero
also “features” several odd and downright annoying bugs, including an obnoxious one
that has the resulting image file flipped upside-down. If you see only garbage instead
of a bitmap font text in your app, you may have to flip the bitmap font PNG image up-
side down with an image-editing program. I've documented these issues and how to fix
them in my Hiero tutorial:
tutorial-bitmap-fonts-hiero .
Some developers also swear by BMFont. But as a Windows program, it requires a Win-
dows computer or Windows installed in a virtual machine on your Mac. That's why it's
not more widely used in the Mac developer community. You can download BMFont
from .
For everyone else, there's Glyph Designer.
Creating Bitmap Fonts with Glyph Designer
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