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Figure 4-3 . Let the games begin! The DoodleDrop project here is based on the cocos2d ARC project from Chapter
2, but the Kobold2D Empty-Project template isn't much different
Create the DoodleDrop Scene
The next step you're faced with is a decision: do you start working with the existing
HelloWorldLayer because it's there already, possibly renaming it later? Or do you
go through the extra steps to create your own scene to replace the HelloWorldLay-
er ? I chose the latter because eventually you'll have to add new scenes anyway, so it's
a good idea to learn the ropes here and now and start with a clean slate.
Make sure the group where you want to add the new scene class is selected and then
select File New New File… or right-click in the appropriate location in the Pro-
ject Navigator tree and select New File… to open the New File dialog shown in Figure
4-4 .
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