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Figure 4-2 . Confirm renaming the project and related files
There's one last item you need to rename manually: the app's scheme. It will still be
named cocos2d-2.x-ARC-iOS, or whichever name you gave your ARC-enabled
cocos2d project. Select Product Manage Schemes… to view the list of schemes.
Select and edit the scheme's name by delay-clicking it to make its name editable and
then renaming it to DoodleDrop. Once done, close the scheme list.
Because DoodleDrop is going to be a Portrait mode application, you must edit the Ap-
pDelegate.m file and change the shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrient-
ation method to return YES only for portrait modes:
return UIInterfaceOrientationIsPortrait(interfaceOrientation);
Now select the DoodleDrop scheme from the drop-down menu to the right of the Run
and Stop buttons and run it to verify that everything is in working order.
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