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Figure 4-1 . The final version of the DoodleDrop game
Create the DoodleDrop Project
In Chapter 2 you learned how to create a Kobold2D and a cocos2d project with ARC
Kobold2D users should run the Kobold2D Project Starter app and choose the Empty-
Project template (see Figure 2-2 in Chapter 2 ) to start from scratch. Use DoodleDrop as
the name for the project and you're all set. The only thing left to do is to select the
app's target and select the portrait mode icons under Supported Device Orientation, as
shown in Figure 3-17 in Chapter 3 . The landscape icons should be deselected because
DoodleDrop is designed to be played in Portrait mode.
The next section is for cocos2d users only—Kobold2D users may want to skip it.
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