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Ideally, you should try the 16-bit depth buffer first; it uses less memory, but in a few
cases a24-bit depth buffer may be necessary if visual artifacts still occur when using
3D actions.
Instant Actions
You may wonder why there are instantaneous actions based on the CCInstantAc-
tion class (see Figure 3-16 for the class hierarchy), when you could just as well
change the node's property to achieve the same effect. For example, there are instant
actions to flip the node, to place it at a specific location, or to toggle its visible prop-
Figure 3-16 . The CCActionInstant class hierarchy
The main reason instant actions exist is because they're useful in action sequences. So-
metimes in a sequence of actions you have to change a certain property of the node,
such as visibility or position, and then continue with the sequence. Instant actions make
this possible. True, they're rarely used—with CCCallFunc and its variants being the
notable exception.
CCCallFunc Actions
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