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ced cocos2d developers. If you notice your actions aren't working as expected
or at all, double-check that you're actually running the correct action. And if the
correct actions are used, but you're still not seeing the desired result, verify that
it's the correct node running the action. That's another common mistake.
Cocos2d implements the following CCActionEase classes:
CCEaseBackIn , CCEaseBackInOut , CCEaseBackOut
CCEaseBounceIn , CCEaseBounceInOut , CCEaseBounceOut
CCEaseElasticIn ,
CCEaseElasticInOut ,
CCEaseExponentialIn ,
CCEaseExponentialInOut ,
CCEaseIn , CCEaseInOut , CCEaseOut
CCEaseSineIn , CCEaseSineInOut , CCEaseSineOut
In Chapter 4 , you'll use a number of these ease actions in the DoodleDrop project so
you can see what effect they have. The CCActionEase class hierarchy is shown in
Figure 3-12 for reference.
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