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Time for action - setting up the terrain grid and plan
Now that your concept design is documented, save that file for reference later, and then
start a new one in order to begin work on your actual game level. You will begin by drawing
out your plan in 2D in SketchUp, based on your mock up. You'll use this as a basis for your 3D
terrains, buildings, and scenery assets:
Open a new project in SketchUp. Select the Engineering - Meters template. Save
the file as Level_Master.skp .
Go to Camera ¦ Parallel Projecion.
Select the Top view buton if you're not already there. You now see a completely
flat 2D working area.
Select the Rectangle tool. Click on the Origin point and draw a rectangle to the
upper right-hand side. Click again.
Now type in 100,100 and hit Enter . You now have a rectangle of 100 square meters.
Right-click on the face of the rectangle and select Reverse Face .
Click on the Zoom Extents buton.
This is the extent of your map square, like the square on your chess board. Double-
click on the rectangle, right click and select Make Component . Enter the name
Map_Base_2D . Make sure Replace selecion with component is icked. Now click
on Create .
Go to Window ¦ Preferences ¦ Extensions and make sure Sandbox Tools is checked.
Now enable the toolbar by going to View ¦ Toolbars ¦ Sandbox .
10. Click on the From Scratch buton. Now type in 2 and hit Enter .
11. Click at the botom let-hand side of your rectangle and then at the top let-hand
side. Move to the right-hand side and click on the top right corner.
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