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When you're considering a career as a 3D arist for a game or ilm, don't be put of by the job
itle. Go for the roles you're most comfortable with. If you have a past experience in certain
areas through work or hobbies, why not lean towards those areas? Here are some broad
categories where similar styles of modeling can be used for each item within the category:
• Buildings, architecture, scenery items, street furniture, and interior assets
• Cars, aircraft, spacecraft, robots, and military vehicles
• Characters, monsters, organic forms and scenery, and clothing
• Objects, weapons, tools, and equipment
The more you have studied, played, or worked in the areas touching the previously described
categories, the more natural you will be at recreaing them for games. For example, many
architects, product designers, engineers, and fashion designers go into game asset and level
designing. Remember to choose what you're good at already, and sick to it unil you're
comfortable venturing into other areas.
Have a go hero - simple concept sketching in SketchUp
When it comes to level concept design don't worry if, like me, you're more comfortable
drawing with a pen and ruler than a sick of charcoal. The idea here is to get your design
intenion down on paper. When you do this it has to be quick and luid. No masterpieces,
please. When you do concept work you must do it mostly within your minds eye, and then
try to transfer it to paper before your mind gets too far ahead of you. Give this a go now. It
doesn't mater what you end up with, good or bad.
This tutorial assumes you want to create a irst person exploraion
style game, which is what we will be making in this topic.
1. Grab a blank piece of paper, as large as possible.
2. Draw a circle at the start, then a rectangle for the end of the level. Label
these A and Z.
3. You now need to plot a route through the piece of paper from A, to Z. Simple
as that.
4. Draw your character at A, roughly to scale.
5. Draw in some scenery, props within the character's vision that will give some
immediate sense of being somewhere.
6. Do the same at the Z locaion. It should be a place worth geing to.
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