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Here is the game square you will be creaing in this topic:
If this game had a specific task carried out in the square (as shown in the previous
screenshot) before allowing you to move to the next square, this would be a game level
in itself. If not, you would add other squares to it unil your whole level, or game world,
is complete.
Level creaion is an art. In order to create a masterpiece, you need all the right tools at your
disposal. You've already encountered SketchUp and GIMP. In the previous two chapters, you
became proicient with these tools. In this chapter, you'll really start to see their potenial as
you whiz through creaing a small level in a single chapter.
When you have finished this chapter, you'll have the basic level shown here. This is called a
"plate", and it's the basic floor level area that you will add assets to. Assets are things like
trees, plants, fences, and buildings.
In this chapter, you will:
1. Create a basic floor plate (terrain) with all textures present
2. Stamp flat road geometry onto your plate
3. Create the hilly terrains with SketchUp Sandbox tools
4. Add shadows to simulate depth
5. Create seamless and ile-able textures
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