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3. Click on Open . The new texture will take the place of the old one. Do you see
any difference?
4. Since there's no noiceable loss of quality with the lower resoluion texture, let's
sick with that one instead.
Checking in-game
It is not guaranteed that the texture processing in SketchUp is idenical to the one
used in a game engine. The model view in SketchUp can only serve as a guide. If
you have a paricular game applicaion in mind, you can do this check in the game
engine instead and see the results more accurately. If you are creaing an asset to
be used more generally, as is the case here, this technique is good enough.
Saving for game use
Now it's ime to save the model and texture in their own folder. Go to File ¦ Save As and
create a folder called pallet_gameready . Save your SketchUp model in there. Also move
your 512-pixel texture into that folder. Repeat steps 1-3 above to reatach this new texture
to the SketchUp model. This step is necessary to redefine the path for the new pallet_
gameready folder.
If you have SketchUp Pro version, go to File ¦ Export and select the .fbx format. You could
also choose some other well-known formats such as 3DS and OBJ to allow your asset to
be imported to the greatest variety of game engines. Unity uses .fbx so that's all we need
for now. If you have the free version of SketchUp, select Collada . You will find out how to
convert this to FBX in Chapter 6 , Imporing to a Professional Game Applicaion: Unity 3D .
Now that you've completed this chapter, you are most of the way to becoming a quality
asset creator. If you failed some of the steps, don't worry about it. It will all come clear as
we go on. You can always come back and try it again later.
The techniques you have learned in this chapter are the basis of great modeling in SketchUp.
It's a focussed approach with a quality outcome. Don't forget to download the download
pack from Packt's site and compare your asset to the final file in Chapter 4's folder, named
Chapter4_pallet_gameready.skp .
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