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8. Repeat with the botom component, too.
When you're done the whole thing looks exactly the same as before, but now you
only have faces where they need to be.
Exploding geometry
Exploding geometry has nothing to do with demolishing the school math building. It's
simply where you take geometry that used to be in groups and components and make it just
geometry again. You do this because in games it's cleaner to have one single mesh if you can.
Save your model
Before you do anything drasic like the step below, remember to save your
model. It's good, while learning, to have several versions of your model saved
at intervals while you are working, so that you can go back to a previous version
if you get yourself stuck. You can simply label your models with successive
numbers in the filename.
Select the whole model ( Edit ¦ Select All ), right-click and select Explode .
Purging unused geometry and materials
This part is really easy - you already did it once earlier in the chapter. Go to Window ¦ Model
Info ¦ Staisics and click on Purge Unused .
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