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Preparing for game use
Even though the model already looks complete, there are a few things you need to do to
prepare it for game use. It's a list that's the same for any asset you create from now on.
Here's what you need to do:
• Remove the hidden geometry and layers
• Remove unseen faces
• Explode geometry to remove groups and components
• Purge unused materials
• Check if all faces are facing outward
• Move files and textures into correct folders
• Compress or resize textures
• Save in a recognized format
It's really quick to do, and well worth the ime geing right. If you start distribuing assets
with any of these left undone, you will pay the price by being labeled an amateur.
Hidden geometry and layers
First of all, check that you haven't hidden anything and that all layers are visible. As a rule
I never use layers in SketchUp, but if you have used layers then you need to check there's
nothing on a hidden layer that you have forgoten about.
1. Go to View ¦ Hidden Geometry .
2. If anything appears, right click on it and select Unhide .
3. Go to Window ¦ Layers . Check if all layers have a check in the Visible field.
4. If there is more than one Layer, go to Edit ¦ Select All. Then right-click and select
Enity Info . Select Layer0 . If you have components in your model, you will have to
repeat this step for each unique component.
Removing unseen faces
There are parts of your model that have faces overlapping other faces. That's bad. How will
the game engine know which to display? We're going to remove them.
1. Select the three cross members by holding down Shift when you click on them.
Right-click and select Explode .
2. Now right-click again and select Intersect Faces ¦ With Model .
3. Select all the top and botom plank components, right-click and select Hide .
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