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8. You're inished texturing! Select the botom plank component, right click
and select Make Unique . Delete all but the side and middle planks.
Go to Camera ¦ Perspecive to switch on a more pleasing view. Your completed
pallet should now look something like the one below.
What Just Happened?
You've learned how to manipulate your basic texture in lots of ways to texture the faces
contained in your model. You've used the Sample funcion to copy and reuse texture
placement from one face to another. You've also recycled areas of imber in the same
texture to provide textures for all the other imber faces that didn't have speciic textures
made for them. This way, you've been able to produce a model that has only one texture
associated with it.
You can find the example file of this completed model in the download pack
named Chapter03_pallet_MASTER.skp .
Now, it's ime to prepare your model for use in games. Save your project, then go to File ¦
Save As to save a separate file. Name it pallet_gameready .
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