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19. Now, when you use Texture ¦ Posiion on these faces there's nothing else to
do except move the other two wood end textures into place. You should have
something like the following.
Have a go hero
Sample one of these wood ends and apply the material to the other ends of the imber
members, but for these next three, try out some more of the opions within Texture ¦
Posiion. You can rotate , scale , and move the three wood ends to provide variaions on
the other three ends. Try to use each of the four colored pins to see what each one does.
When you've done that, coninue with the rest of the tutorial.
Time for action - recycling textures for use on non-vital faces
You really only prepared textures for the top of the pallet and wood ends. Should you now
go back and make more textures for the rest? Why should you, if you can get away with
recycling what you've got? Here's how to use plain areas of the imber texture within your
exising texture, to complete the model.
1. Triple click each of the three members in turn, right-click and select Group .
2. Now go to View ¦ Component Edit ¦ Hide rest of model . This means when you edit
any of these groups, you'll only see that group and nothing else. This is going to help
you finish the more inaccessible bits of texturing.
3. Double-click on the left-hand side member to edit it. Select the Paint Bucket tool
and paint the texture. Did you noice it's the wrong scale? Undo this, and click on
the texture in the Materials Pallet. This resets it back to its original scale.
Now apply the texture again. Right-click and go to Texture ¦ Posiion . Move
one of the imber planks over the face unil it's covered, as you can see in the
following screenshot.
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