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This is because when took the photograph for the texture you're
using, the object they captured has already had texture, shading and shadow. You're
simply recreaing what already existed in the real world.
Have you noiced that your extruded member is too wide or too narrow for the
texture? That's expected, because you just made it a random size that looked about
right. All you need to do now is move the right hand face a litle to line up with the
wood edge in the texture.
10. Select the Push/Pull tool and click on the right-hand side face of the member. Move
this face unil its edge lines up with the edge in the texture.
11. Repeat steps 8-10 for the other two members.
12. Click on the Top view icon. You should see the following. Good, isn't it?
13. To complete the texturing you just have a few finishing touches to make. Select
the Paint Bucket again, click on your texture in the Materials Pallet, and apply the
material to the end of one of the cross members.
14. Click on the Right view icon.
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