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6. Now click on Purge Unused . The Materials count reduces to 1 , and your Materials
Pallet now only shows your texture material. Phew. The world's as it should be again!
7. Click on the Paintbucket tool and click on the top face of the left hand member. It's
not prety is it? SketchUp is applying your texture in a random way onto this face. Go
to Edit ¦ Undo Paint .
8. In the Materials Pallet , click on the Sample Paint tool which looks like an eye dropper.
Click on the top face on one of the planks. Alternaively, with the Paint bucket tool sill
in use, hold Alt (Windows) or Command (Mac) to access the eye dropper.
9. Now here's the single click magic. Click on the top face of the left hand member
again. Noice the diference? You now have texture, shading and shadow exactly
where it should be.
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