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Time for action - completing texturing
In SketchUp go to Window and click Materials . The Materials Pallet appears.
Click on the Home icon (see next image). Here you have a list of all materials being
used in your current model.
The Mac version has an addiional selecion of color pallets at the top of the
window. Select the symbol for SketchUpColorPicker to get the same pallet as
the Windows one shown here.
3. Noice that your pallet_wood_1024 texture has automaically become a material,
and you didn't even need to think about it. But what are those others doing there?
If you remember, there was a 2D component of a lady there at the start of the
modeling process to help us visualize scale. You deleted her prety quick. But the
materials that made up her clothing have remained in your SketchUp model.
Go to Window ¦ Model Info and click on the Staisics opion. You'll see here a list
of what's in your model. More about this in a moment. For now, noice there's a
total of 9 materials listed.
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