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8. Triple click the left-hand side member and copy it to the right-hand side end as
you did before. Now, before you do anything else, type in /2 and press Enter .
A copy appears in the middle. Now type /4 and press Enter .
9. Anything you type with a forward slash in front of it will divide the space you
moved into that many spaces. So, you now have four spaces, and five members
equally spaced.
10. You can see the number you typed in the box at botom right of the window.
Type /2 now to revert back to the two spaces you require.
What just happened?
You found a hidden feature, or tool subset, of SketchUp that allowed you to copy objects
muliple imes with equal spacing between them. This is really useful when you have a space
to fill but don't know how many objects you need to fill it with. You also learned some more
about Inference, by snapping to endpoint, midpoint and edges, and how to lock inferencing
by pressing the Shift key.
The power of pre-prepared textures
When you think about it, your pallet is only a few simple rectangles that you Push/Pulled
into box shapes. The realism is provided by the texture you created. This is how it should be.
Complex geometry doesn't sit well with gaming because of the strain it puts on the gaming
engine and your computer processor. Textures are a "low overhead" way of adding realism.
You're now going to experience just how powerful this method is, by adding subtle shadows
and shading with a single click of your mouse.
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