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4. So far so good! But what about one in the middle? Use the move tool and hover the
cursor near the botom center of the extrusion. The cursor snaps to the midpoint of
the line (see next).
Click here, tap Ctrl (Opion on the Mac) , and move towards the center of the pallet.
When you see the doted line going red and the toolip On Edge in Component , hold
down the Shift key. This restricts your movement to that edge only.
6. Noice wherever you move your mouse, the object stays locked to that edge. Now
move to roughly the middle of the pallet, and click when the Toolip says Midpoint
in Component .
7. This is one way of doing it. There's another that's even beter. First, triple click and
delete the middle and right-hand side members you just created.
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