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It's really that easy!
You can now really see your pallet taking shape. You're only partway through the first
modeling chapter and already you have learned how to use all the most common modeling
tools in SketchUp. It has been well within your own capabiliies, am I right? In fact, this is all
the modeling you need to do to make this 3D game asset.
When you go on from here, you will realize all the complex models you see in hi-tech 3D games
have been made by breaking the modeling into simple smaller tasks like the one you've just
completed. All geometry is, after all, just boxes and curves. You'll learn everything you need to
know about simple and complex curves in Chapter 5 , Game Levels in SketchUp and Chapter 8 ,
Advanced Modeling: Create a Realisic Car in Easy Steps , but you should realize most geometry
you need to create for assets and levels doesn't need that complex stuff.
Time for action - multiple copies
The neat thing about SketchUp is that you can do a lot more with it than is immediately
apparent. The reason it's been designed this way is that it keeps a pleasant and unclutered
visual interface. Let's look at one such hidden feature now that will make a big difference in
your modeling from now on.
Press the spacebar to go back to the default Select tool. Triple click on one of
the faces of the imber member you just made. This will select all the geometry
connected to that face.
Select the Move tool and click at the botom right of the imber member, as
shown next.
Now press Ctrl ( Opion on the Mac) and move the copy to the botom right-hand
corner of the pallet, and click again. You now have two members, one at each side
of the pallet.
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