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Hit the spacebar and then double-click somewhere outside the component. This is
how you stop ediing a component or group.
Select the Move tool. This also works for copying stuff. All you have to do is press
Ctrl ( Opion on Mac) some ime during the move operaion, and it will copy instead.
Give this a go now.
Click on the planks component and press Ctrl ( Opion on Mac). There are now two
copies. Move the mouse down unil you see a blue-doted line and click.
The toolip will show On Blue Axis , reminding you that if you click now you can be
assured the copy went only in the Up/Down direcion.
Inference is a key innovaion of SketchUp over other CAD sotware, and many
other programmers have now adopted this approach because it works so well.
Rather than having to enter exact coordinates all the ime in 3D space, SketchUp
developers realized most of the ime we just wanted to move stuf either up,
down, let, right, in or out. The colored axes in SketchUp will appear any ime
you're manipulaing or creaing anything to guide you along any one of these
6 direcions.
10. Now type in 0.15 and the copy will jump that distance on the blue axis.
11. Orbit the model so that you're looking almost end-on, like the next screenshot.
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