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Time for action - Push/Pull, Move, and Copy
The Push/Pull tool in SketchUp is where most of the fun really begins. It's just great to see
2D stuff becoming 3D! It's as easy as this:
1. Double-click in the Component to begin modifying it. Now select the Push / Pull tool.
2. Hover over the top of a plank unil it highlights blue, and click. Now when you move
the mouse, you can extrude the flat geometry into a 3D box.
3. Make sure the extrusion is going upwards, as you can see in the previous
screenshot. Now click. You could leave it like this, but to Push/Pull to a paricular
dimension, type in 0.02 and hit Enter . You must do this during or directly after you
use Push/Pull for it to work.
4. Did you noice the plank jumped to the size you speciied? Now double-click on each
plank to repeat this command. SketchUp remembers the dimension you last used!
You now have a set of 3D planks saved as a component.
A component can be copied as many imes as you like, and any changes you later
make to it will affect all copies. So, in this case, you will copy the planks to form
the botom of the pallet, even though you know there's some more texturing
to be done. You will also ind components and groups useful for separaing
geometry into discrete groups so that it doesn't all sick together.
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