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15. If your line turns red to snap to the horizontal, but you want a slightly off-horizontal
line, zoom in further to the edge and you will be able to make finer adjustments to
the line.
16. When you've finished, use the eraser to delete all the rectangles between the wood
planks. Delete first the left lines, then the right (see the next screenshot).
What just happened?
You've made a component which consists of the top planks for the pallet. You traced the
geometry from the image with the line tool that has created one face for each plank. A
component is an intelligent group of SketchUp geometry, and you will see what it does in
a minute. Do remember to save your model.
Hold the middle mouse buton and move the mouse up and to the let. The model orbits
around. Orbiing in 3D is what you learned when you installed MeshLab in Chapter 2 , Tools
that Grow on Trees . Remember to think about an invisible globe wrapped around your
model. When you move the mouse, you spin the globe with your hand. You will noice that
the pallet is sill only lat, even though you can view the lat geometry in 3D. You're now
going to give it some thickness.
The orbit tool
If you don't have a middle mouse buton, you can access the orbit tool by going
to Camera ¦ Orbit , clicking on the Orbit buton, or simply typing ' O ' (for Orbit)
on the keyboard.
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