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3. Move the tool over the edge of the photo and noice that the pencil snaps to the
edge, and shows an On Edge prompt (as you can see here).
4. With the pencil sill snapped to the edge, ind the corner of the pallet and click.
5. Find the other corner of the pallet to the right and click again. You can zoom out
with the wheel, and pan by holding Shift and pressing the middle mouse buton
(usually the same as the mouse wheel).
6. Noice that the horizontal line turns red to show you it's snapping to the horizontal.
7. Zoom out, and then select the Eraser buton or press E . Click on the shaded view
buton. You can see that the botom rectangle is made up of lines and two light blue
or grey faces.
8. Erase the let, right, and botom lines that enclose the botom face. Noice that the
face disappears, too.
You should now have only the top rectangle with the pallet in it. Click on the Shaded
with Textures view buton to see the texture again. Press the spacebar to turn of
the Eraser .
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